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I can't draw very well so most likely won't be uploading any pictures, unless they're motivational or demotivational posters I may do, heh. But I will have stories, mostly reader or OC insert.



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I love anime, manga, and video games. Currently, I'm doing the most work for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and Axis Powers Hetalia, though I have many other interests. Personally, I'm more of a writer, but I draw from time to time.

Favorite Color: Crimson Red
Favorite Animal: Siberian Snow Leopard
Favorite Flower: Red Carnation

Anything else, just ask. I'll be happy to talk!
So hi, this is the first time I've actually done a journal on here. I'm a little nervous actually... so this is a character proflie/chart for my OC Sicily. I'll be using her a lot from now on but I suck at drawing so don't ask me to draw her. I have a friend drawing her though... hu~ it'd be nice to have some more people though. I just love seeing different artworks for characters. But don't mind me.

Nation: Italy Sicily (Regione Siciliana)

Nickname: Trinacria (Because of her triangular shaped island and it's the ancient name for her island)

Name: Aria Celestina Vargas

Gender: Female

Appearance Age: 19

Birthday: March 17, 1861 (Italy's unification date), or March 31, 1282 (Sicilian Vespers) [She celebrates with her brothers because she isn't independant, on her own she celebrates her real birthday.]

Hair Color: Dark brown with an auburn hue

Eye Color: Hazel-green

Height:  5'4.5" / 163.83 cm

Weight: 133lbs / 60.33 kg

Appearance: She is average height for women of her country and of average weight for someone of her size. Her eyes are hazel-green; a typical color of quite many Sicilians and her hair is dark brown like many, just with an auburn-like hue to it as well. Her hair is long, to her waist almost, and straight, getting many waves as it descends to the tips and a peculiar curl similar to her older brothers' on the left side of her bangs. Her skin is more olive toned like Romano's.
She looks to be a fragile girl but really is very strong due to all the years of war and conquest. She is fashionable in her country's clothing and never strays too far from looking young and pretty, possibly even taking some pride in her youth and fashion sense. She'll often wear summer dresses, denim, bright colors, pants or skirts. On special occasions she will dress up to look professional but doesn't take too long to get out of the stuffy outfits. She has a more female version of both Romano and Italy's military outfits that she once wore with pride, but sometimes looks at them with shame now. She always wears a cross necklace in memory of her grandfather, never taking it off except for the obvious times when it is needed. She has a headband, flowers or accessories in her hair that will match with whatever she is wearing sometimes but usually she just has her hair plain and down.

Personality: She is much like her two older brothers in many ways but as well is her own person as well. She is innocent, naive, bubbly, friendly and kind but also has a bad temper that leads to a foul mouth, jealousy issues and trouble talking to certain people. However, she tends to seem a little more aware and able to sense the mood than the other Italians, she is still pretty gullible and a coward; even though she is a bit stronger in comparison to her brothers and just a tiny bit braver. Although like her brothers, she is a flirt, a pretty good one at that even though she is a virgin like Italy and just as inexperienced.
She is polite but due to events in her youth she grew bitter towards certain things, like sharing people. Ever since the Roman Empire fell and the Germanic tribes took over she was never the same again; very foul tempered at strange moments, especially when she remembers past events. Sicily is very outgoing but also can be shy when it comes to voicing her opinions, since despite being an autonomous region; she sometimes gets depressed, feeling unimportant.
Sicily as well is an amazing cook, just like her brothers, sometimes being nicknamed 'God's Kitchen' because of her wide variety of cuisine. Her specialty being sweets like cannolis, granita, and cassata, and many other delicious pastries are strong associated or came from her island. Also is trilingual speaking Italian, Sicilian and English but in her younger years she did speak Latin, Greek and Spanish; which she somehow managed to forget to banish bad memories. On the subject, she used to have a long lasted Greek influence, was even Eastern Orthodox for a while, as well as many other religions like Islamic, now her being a Roman Catholic due to the high population and influence of the Church on the island.
She's a 'huggy' person, liking to be in physical and emotional contact with those close to her, much to the discomfort of some of them. She in reality loves her island but sometimes hates the heat and would prefer a northern place to reside, especially with her fascination with snow.

- Pasta, pizza, sweets, wine and food~
- Her family
- Mild and cold weather
- Her island
- Fashion
- Football <3
- Loose and comfortable clothes
- Physical contact
- Basically everyone
- Snow
- Music, art and theater- has the biggest opera house in Italy which is the third largest in Europe: Teatro Massimo
- Stargazing
- Cooking

- Lack of food
- Hot weather
- Byzantine Empire
- Germania
- Stuffy clothing
- Warfare
- Meetings
- Being told what to do
- Speaking her mind
- Her past
- Crying
- Being left out
- The Mafia

- Mount. Etna erupting and killing people
- Disappearing or having someone disappear like her Grandpa
- The Sicilian language being forgotten or dead
- Losing her rights to her brothers and her status as autonomous
- Getting angry and losing someone because of it
- Another war taking place

- Secretly she at some points wanted to be her own country, but is a bit afraid of being overrun by bigger countries.
- Despite her nice exterior she can be pretty bitter towards some people
- During and after the rule of the Byzantines in her youth after her Grandpa died she secretly (until it became outright and noticeable) began hating the empire because they tried to be her fallen Grandfather
- Sometimes she couldn't care less about what people think of her, but other times she's very paranoid about it
- For her past wars, especially the Italian unification and WWII she receives horrible nightmares very often, some nights she can't get to sleep at all and sits up crying about her sins
- Secretly she just wants to love and be loved in return by someone who won't die on her like her past human crushes.
- Despite being very modest she is actually very prideful about her island and being Sicilian, putting Sicilian before Italian often
- Because of the mafia she can handle weapons very well, yet that path is the very last resort
- She's actually very lonely from quite a bit of isolation so she can often be found going to orphanages to see the children since she herself didn't have any actual parental figures after Rome passed, from this is probably why she became very clinging and wanting of love but she is also afraid of losing everyone she cares for

Optimism- like Italy she is very optimistic and has gotten through many hardships because of it
Youth- Because she is young she has more energy and can run as fast as her brothers when in retreat
Awareness- Because of this she is good with business and also able to sense things pretty quickly

Coward- She is brave and strong but she is also easily frightened and would prefer to run from battle than actually fight
Naive- She is guidable and inexperienced, so people can easily take advantage of her
Depression- Because she gets easily depressed and it happens pretty frequently, she has a hard time managing and dealing with daily tasks sometimes.
  • Mood: Distracted

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