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This is a JapanxReader story, if you don't like Reader inserts then please do not go any furthur. I don't want or need any trouble or spammers thank you very much. If you like them please continue, if you like Japan do the same. I don't want to hear any complaints or anything, it'll get annoying. Thank you very much and please enjoy my fanfiction.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT Axis Powers Hetalia, Hidekaz Himaruya DOES. I ALSO DO NOT OWN YOU.

Don't worry, you're perfect. So please smile for me.

Your heart was throbbing in your chest as you stared at the clock. You didn't want it to end the class period, what would happen after would be too embarrassing. It was almost Christmas and with the help of your best friend Alfred you had gained enough courage to write a love letter to your longtime friend and crush, Kiku Honda. You've known him since you two were in elementary school and by the time junior high came strolling by you had developed a puppy crush on the kind Japanese boy. You spent so much time trying to get the feelings to go away so your friendship wouldn't be awkward but after years of seeing girls confess to him and give him Valentine's Day offers and gifts you were going to go insane. But you would never say a word about it to Kiku.

…Especially after last year.

It was raining and a pretty girl from your school, that you despised no less, found out about your crush on Kiku and decided to write him a letter that you didn't know about until lunch time when she decided to seat herself at your table with Kiku, Alfred, and other friends. She spoke of the letter and Kiku froze for a moment only to tell her that he had no interest in relationships. You were confused, thinking that she had confessed her feelings to him until she looked at you and laughed saying, "See (y/n), not even your best friend can see you as a lover."

It disgusted you but your remained silent and held in the tears. After lunch you had a class with only Alfred, you skipped class and went into the janitor's closet to cry. Apparently Alfred found out about it and followed you; that was when you told him about your crush on Kiku.

And ever since then he had been trying to get you to confess, that maybe it wouldn't be like that and he was just saying that. His main argument being, 'You're the only one he accepts Valentine's Day chocolate from, that has to mean something!'

To you it meant he was just being a good friend.

Because that was what you two were.

Best friends.


You jolted in your seat at the sound of the horrible bell and looked up to see Alfred standing there with his signature smile and thumbs up. 'I can't do this…' you thought. Your note said how you felt and that you would meet him near the cherry blossom trees after school, knowing him he would show up to be polite but then tell you that he didn't return your feelings. Then it would be awkward forever more between you two. So you planned an escape.

You went to your locker to get what you needed and put in what you didn't. From there you were just going to leave. It was full proof. Yes!

"(Y/n)-san, how was your day?"


Your (e/c) eyes fell on the soulless brown eyes of your crush and you gulped, "Oh Kiku! My day was just fine thank you. And yours?"

'Play it cool. Play it cool.' You chanted in your head.

"It was… good. Risten I wirr be a rittre rate warking you home today. I have… something to do first. So-"

"Oh really, well I could just walk home; it's fine!" you laughed nervously, gaining some hope until he shook his head. "No, that isn't right. Prease just wait for me in the front." He bowed as he usually did and before you could say anything against it he walked off.

Double crap.

Now what were you supposed to do about just leaving? Alfred would be sure to see you not going to where Kiku was and would drag you there if he had to. You had a slim time period of leaving now but that would also mean leaving Kiku when he asked you to wait for him, meaning he didn't expect to take too long. Now Kiku was a smart boy and would suspect something if you just randomly left. Oh what to do…
Hello everyone~
Yes I have not gotten back to my other fanfiction on here.
Will I? Yes. At some point.
Until then enjoy this one. :3
It will also be featured on my account.

Axis Powers: Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
You (c) You
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